Horseracing Spot Plays

Alydarpicks is my father's pride and joy and that is to continue to give customers money making picks. My name is James  I am a sheet player I use Accuracing Figs. So if you're looking for daily Spot Plays  that you can make money on daily betting win,place,show or using as keys in exacta or triples. You come to the right place  when you join me you will be getting the picks to the email you sent your payment.   The amount of picks depends on the amount of tracks running for that day so you maybe getting 5 up to 12 plays per day  so come give me a shot and see for yourself. ( Picks will come out after each tracks scratch report )  Then will be sent out to all members email.  

   5-26-20 |  Fonner. R2/#2  Man Camp (2nd)

1st week $25.00 |  Reg rate $50.00

Send payment to my PayPal Email >

How to Bet  $20.00 >>$4.00 win. $6.00 place. $10.00 show

5/26/20.  Only one play today and it's Free

5/25/20. 4-plays. Bet $80.00. Return. $135.60. Profit. +$55.60

5/24/20. 5-plays. Bet $100.00. Return $129.60. Profit +$29.60

5/23/20. 3-plays. Bet  $80.00. Return. $151.40. Profit. +$71.40

5/22/20. 4-plays. Bet $80.00. Return. $105.60. Profit. +$25.60

5/21/20. 4-plays. Bet $80.00. Return. $166.20. Profit. +$86.30

5/20/20. 6-plays. Bet $120.00. Return. $189.70. Profit. +$69.70

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